Tandoori Quesadillas – Cooking with “The Comfort of Apples” By Indian Simmer Nov. 15, 2010

You must be wondering that what the heck happened to me? I was wondering the same! I mean first our family was traveling to California for this tiny get together with friends and with us we brought some painful bug. All three of us were down with cold and A got flu too. Well, somehow when our health came back on track and I thought of connecting again with my blog and with you wonderful readers I realized that I’m having such a terrible writers block! I mean I try to just talk to you here just as I would talk to my friends sitting on a couch sipping a cup of tea but I still need some words right? And for a blog post one also needs some good food which I was not really cooking for the past one week. So to cure both my writers block and my cooking block I went to a (infact two) lovely people who are both great chefs and writers too and have just released a book. The Comforts Of Apples!


Well, I’m talking about Philip and Lauren. A GORGEOUS chef and writer duo who happen to be real life parteners too. How cool is that? The lovely world of social media brought me in touch with Phil and Lauren who are just really great people to say the least. One day on twitter I was chatting with Lauren and she told me about this new book which they were going to launch soon and I showed my excitement and told her how much I was looking forward to seeing it. And the next thing I know her publisher calls me to ask for my address as she wanted to send me a copy of her new book! I was so amazed and touched by her graciousness.


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  1. Suvir Saran says:

    I must say the couple is truly generous and gracious. Charming as well.

    Have never met them, never chatted with them much. Polite and spare exchanges on twitter. Between my endless travels, I come home one day to find a package with their lovely book. What a kind gesture. One I shall remember.

    Loved reading through it, even if very briefly and quickly. We live in APPLE country. My new book has tons of apple recipes, but nowhere near as many as they cover. How could it. Mine is only a cookbook on the global flavors and foods served at our table in the country. Theirs is all about apples. NICE!

    Cannot wait for some time at the farm in the deep winter, and I promise to put your book to work.

    Travel safely!

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